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Welcome to Max1382.com - Your premier destination for all things GTA. We're your go-to for up to date BEFF ("Buy Everything For Free") updates, keeping you in the loop with the latest info. Dive into the only refreshed Gender Swap List on the web and browse through an extensive array of clothing images and lists.

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What's New

My Outfit Community
a page where anyone can upload a outfit txt + image

MaxSubs Gives you full access to MaxWiki that has clothing images and all textures of every GTA 5 Online clothing in the game!
Along with full access to Up coming things at no extra cost

A Fully online Xdev to be able to make a TXT from just numbers to save you time
More featurts coming soon to Max-xDev

What's Coming

Updated Gender Swap
Coming soon is a updated Gender Swap list to provide the newest items from the lastest DLC

Max-Wiki "Done"
Free Max-Wiki will show you every texture 0 image for every clothing item in gta on male and female

Coming For Subs

Gender Swap Subs
Coming soon is a updated Gender Swap list to provide the newest items from the lastest DLC along with more detailed list

Max-Wiki Subs "OUT NOW"
Uncover every Texture 0 image for each clothing item through Max-Wiki Subs, along with detailed textual descriptions of each texture.

Discover the precise locations of each clothing item, including insights into Modded Items, Locked Items, Blacklisted Items,

and delve into an extensive, in-depth exploration of both male and female clothing within the GTA universe.

BEFF Bot Subs
An upcoming addition is the all-new BEFF Bot, designed to provide guidance on transforming a wide array of purchasable or modded items across various textures.

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Gender Swap

Gender Swap
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