NEW Outfit FM Merge 
( PS4 ONLY )
Founder lItzcherry

This lets you merge the BEFF Outfit Multiple times without doing BEFF Again 

Say you BEFF and make merge top and legs you can use this to add any NEW Top and legs to that outfit 

Make sure you can do BEFF and use the FM save ( PS4 ONLY )

1. Use BEFF to make any merge items

( ones you want to add new parts too )

2. Once done reload GTA into the FM save and hit FM so your money is frozen 
In an invite, friends or public lobby 

3. Jump into any car and start a CEO and change your CEO management outfit once to the left and back to the right  and then leave the CEO 

4. Get out of the car and go into any store and pick the items you want to transfer onto that outfit you used for BEFF  Can use saved outfits also 

5. Once you have it on start a CEO and if done right the parts will merge ( can start from steps 3 to do an outfit again 


to save the outfits just simply save them and make a game save and you can close the app once you made a save

Don't need to go back to Sp 

If your CEO is glitching find a new lobby and do it there it may be buggy but will still work 

Need any help or have any questions feel free to ask me on Twitter or discord